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The Vision Behind Our Aesthetic Abode

Our Aesthetic Abode isn’t just about home design—it's about giving you the confidence and tools to make your dream home a reality. From tutorials that simplify complex projects to inspiring design ideas, we break it down so you can build it up.

We believe in homes that are as unique and fabulous as the women who live in them.

Meet the Woman Behind the Curtain

Hey there, I’m Elisha! Remember that high school Interior Design teacher you wish you had? That was me. And now, I'm channeling all that energy into sharing my DIY and design journey, so you too can craft your ultimate sanctuary. My dad’s DIY spirit fuels me, making every tutorial a tribute to him.

From Classroom Chalkboards to Palette Boards — Elisha's Story

I’m a foodie: If I'm awake, I’m thinking about my next meal.


My Dad Was a DIY Pro: He flipped homes like some people flip pancakes.


I'm a Cat Mom: When I’m not wielding a paintbrush, I’m cuddling with my fur babies.


I Was a High School Interior Design Teacher: teaching teenagers the ins and outs of design was my first passion.

Fun Facts:

The playful and energetic feline of the abode! This sly little guy lives for food and fun. Zitto says some of his favorite things in life include Italian breads and ice cream, high jumps and sprints, as well as his daily naps in the sun.


The sweet and spicy furball of the abode! This fella likes to act like a tough guy most of the time, but is the biggest sweetheart deep down inside. Some of Gouda’s favorite pleasures in life include chest rubs, head butts, playing soccer, and snacking on plastic.


The tech-savvy backbone, and silly personality of OAA, and Elisha's forever sidekick in life and DIY adventures.


Your go-to gal for demystifying the world of DIY and interior design, all while keeping it stylish and uniquely you.


Let's get real; life is way too short for dull spaces and "someday" projects. Our purpose at Our Aesthetic Abode is to empower you to take charge of your own environment. We're here to boost your confidence, inspire your creativity, and provide you with the step-by-step guides to make your home truly your own. Because you deserve a home that’s not just a backdrop but a reflection of your unique style and spirit.

Our Purpose: Elevating Everyday Living Through Design and DIY

The Heart and Soul of What We Do

Collaboration is where the magic happens, right? If your brand vibes with empowering women, beautifying spaces, and you're all about that DIY life, then we should totally team up. I bring a dedicated audience of ambitious home-lovers and a knack for crafting engaging, authentic content that resonates. Let's merge our talents and see what kind of incredible we can create.

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