How to Clean a Mirror That is Hazy: 5 Easy Methods

Lifestyle, August 28, 2023

Mirrors are one of my favorite interior design weapons. They have so much more to offer than your just your reflection… they add beauty and function to any space and even have the power to make a room look bigger.

But why is it so difficult to clean mirrors properly? Nothing kills the vibe like a cloudy mirror.

After some research and a bunch of great recommendations from my Instagram community, I decided it was finally time to learn how to clean a mirror that is hazy.

In this post, i’ll show you 5 easy methods (that really work!) and the pros and cons for each!

how to clean a mirror that is hazy

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Method #1: Newspaper

Newspaper was the most recommended as the best way to clean mirrors. Who would’ve guessed?!

There were varying suggestions in terms of the cleaning product to use with newspaper, so you’ll notice I used it for some the other methods too!

how to clean a mirror without streaks

For best results when cleaning mirrors with newspaper, be sure to crumple it up first!

In the video below, I used a combination of windex and newspaper and I think you’ll see for yourself that this worked really nicely on my embarrassingly dirty mirror.

how to clean a mirror with newspaper


Newspaper definitely works wonders on streaky mirrors! I also learned that the cleaning product doesn’t even really matter- the newspaper itself is key!


Most people (myself included) don’t have newspaper on hand so to go and buy it specifically for cleaning mirrors seems wasteful.

I wasn’t even sure where to buy it???? After trying CVS with no luck, I went to 7-Eleven and paid $5 for one! WHAT?! Don’t be like me and go on a Sunday when they’re more expensive.

Method #2: Sprayway Glass Cleaner

I’m honestly not sure how I’ve never noticed Sprayway glass cleaner while at the store? You can find it at your local Target, Walmart, or of course you can order it from Amazon!

how to clean a mirror without microfiber cloth

When testing this product, I split the mirror into sections so I could try 4 different cloths to wipe with; coffee filters, newspaper, a dry microfiber cloth (make sure it’s a clean cloth!), and paper towels.

how to clean a mirror without microfiber cloth

You can watch me clean in the video below. Ultimately, this glass cleaner worked great! I did still notice mild streaks with the coffee filter and microfiber towel. The paper towel left a lot of lint behind.

The newspaper worked best out of all 4 cloth options so I used that to clean the entire mirror after removing the tape. Look how well it worked on this foggy mirror!!

how to clean a mirror properly


This cleaner is affordable and easy to find.


It has that chemical cleaner sort of smell to it and I almost felt like I could taste it in my mouth so I didn’t love that!

Method #3: Vinegar Solution

A good ole white vinegar cleaning solution never disappoints!

There’s a lot of different recipes out there, but I ended up doing a 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup vinegar and 1/2 teaspoon of dish soap.

This is one of those all purpose cleaners that can be used on other glass surfaces too. Get yourself some of these cute refillable amber glass spray bottles to store it in!

how to clean a mirror with vinegar

For the vinegar solution, I also split a mirror into sections and tested the same four clothes as I did in method #2.

With the coffee filters, I used one to clean it and then a another to polish it! It worked great. Actually, everything worked great with this vinegar solution except for the paper towel, because it’s not a lint-free cloth!


This is such a great natural option using household items most people always have on hand. It works so well and you can use it for regular cleaning.


It takes a little extra effort to make and it has a shorter shelf life than a store bought mirror cleaner.

Method #4: Rubbing Alcohol with a Microfiber Cloth

Rubbing alcohol always comes in handy, doesn’t it?

For this method, I poured a little 70% isopropyl alcohol onto a clean microfiber cloth. These are the ones I have and use them for tons of things!

I buffed the surface of the mirror using circular motions.

Is it not so satisfying to watch all the streaks just disappear? This method worked way better than I expected it to!!


Alcohol does a great job of getting grime, toothpaste, and water droplets off the mirrors and did a great job cleaning the mirror overall!!


It just has that terrible strong smell to it! For some reason I always spill it everywhere too????

Method #5: E-Cloths

Have you ever heard of e-cloths?

Until last week, I had no idea these existed! But everyone that suggested them was very convincing and passionate about their recommendation which left me SO curious!????

An e-cloth is a reusable microfibre cloth that doesn’t require any commercial glass cleaners- just water! It’s the same principle as Norwex cloths (which many people suggested also) but cheaper!

These are the exact ones I ordered. It comes with two cloths. The first cleaning cloth you wet with water and wipe the mirror surface. The second dry cloth is for polishing!

how to clean mirrors naturally
how to clean mirrors naturally

Watch this magic on our bathroom mirror ???? I cannot believe this is just using water! Wow!


It’s a one time purchase, it’s two simple steps, no harsh chemicals, it’s great for cleaning other things, and it’s environmentally friendly! Oh… and it gives you a streak-free mirror!


It’s the most expensive of all the methods.

THE Best Way to Clean a Mirror That is Hazy

In my opinion, the E-cloth window cleaning kit was hands down the best way to clean a mirror without streaks!

It honestly seemed too good to be true. Just to be positive it wasn’t a fluke, I tried it out on 5 different mirrors and guess what? I got the same streak-free shine every single time????

Now I understand the hype!!

how to clean mirrors naturally

Tip: If you have a mirror with stubborn residue, maybe an old antique mirror or a bathroom mirror with hair spray, use a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and do some spot cleaning before using your E-cloth or any other cleaning method!

how to clean mirror stains

Classic Mirror Roundup

Now that you know how to clean a mirror that is hazy, maybe you want to treat yourself to a new mirror????

But really, I always get asked where I find my mirrors. Majority of them are thrifted, but I did a roundup of some beautiful, classic mirrors that I love and know would look great in any home!

gold vintage mirror
  1. Traditional Antique Gold Mirror
  2. Walnut Scalloped Mirror
  3. Ornate Gold Arch Mirror
  4. Vintage Carved Frame Mirror
  5. Bronze Ornate Mirror
  6. Walnut Swivel Cheval Mirror
  7. Full Length Scallop Mirror
  8. Oval Queen Anne Mirror
  9. Glossy White Queen Anne Mirror

I’m just so happy that I finally know not one, but five easy methods for how to clean a mirror that is hazy! I hope you learned something new too!

  1. Sally says:

    Thanks for all the testing you did!! I better go order the e cloth’s now!!

  2. Elisha Kelly says:

    You’re so welcome!! All my mirrors are thanking me too! Thanks Sally- you’re going to LOVE the e-cloths!

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