Discover the Tools That Transform Houses into Homes


The drill is for drilling holes, while the more powerful driver is used for fastening.

We use this for every project! You can clamp in a miter saw or use it as a tabletop.

Perhaps my most used tool! Just what you need for adding trim and moulding!

If you have to wear them, you might as well look cute in the process 😉

There’s a few types of sanders, but this is the one I use most!

Our first ever tool and the best investment! Used for cutting wood, even at angles!

If you’re not ready for a table saw, and need to make rip cuts, this is your tool!

THE best measuring tape! Measurements are on each side, even labeling the 16th!

Whether you’re installing moulding, flooring, hanging art… a laser level is a must!

Protect your ears and make DIY more enjoyable with music or an audio book.

This tool allows you to cut curves and unique shapes in a range of materials!

A long level will always come in handy when DIYing!

This will protect you from inhaling dust and harmful vapors… trust me, you’ll want one!

Every homeowner should own a shop vac! We use ours regularly.

A great place to store all your tools!