How to Clean a  Mirror that is Hazy: 

5 Easy Methods

Do you have streaky mirrors too? On a quest to find out how to clean a mirror properly, I tested 5 highly recommended methods! They all work great, but #5 is the best, and easiest, method! 

1. Newspaper

Do you have newspaper on hand? If so, it works WONDERS for cleaning mirrors that are hazy!

This was the most recommended glass cleaner! It's easy to find and it really does a great job cleaning mirrors!

2. Sprayway

If you have water, white vinegar, and a little dish soap... you need to try this method!

3. Vinegar Solution

With just 70% isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth, I could not believe how well this method worked!!

4. Rubbing Alcohol

5. E-Cloth

When I tell you this is magic... I mean it! These reusable clothes require NO cleaning product. Just water! They're affordable  and give streak-free shine every time!

Click below for all the details and the pros and cons to each method!