5 Reasons You’ll Love Having a Fandelier Ceiling Fan

Design, August 18, 2023

Fan + chandelier = fandelier?! Say whaaaa?!

While you might not be able to find the word “fandelier” in the dictionary, it’s definitely becoming a more well known term!

Matter of fact, there are very strong opinions on the fandelier ceiling fan. How do I know, you ask? Well, I had an Instragam reel of our fandelier go viral. (See it here!)

For months, hundreds of comments of all kinds rolled in. Most people were just awe of this magical creation. But some people were horrified by the idea. (Internet trolls tend to be very dramatic)

We got our first fandelier for our guest bedroom a year ago and loved it so much that we got another our bedroom! These won’t be our last.

fandelier for bedroom

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1. They Actually Work

I’m just gonna go ahead and get this out of the way because it’s the most common question that I get:

Are fandeliers as good as ceiling fans?

Fandeliers are absolutely comparable to your traditional ceiling fan.

Now, like anything else, quality matters. Not all fandeliers are created equal and there’s a lot of options out there so do your research! (You’re in the right place????)

Personally, we’ve had awesome experiences with both fandeliers in our home! We were shocked with the amount of power that comes from these beautiful crystal fixtures with retractable blades.

Most fandelier ceiling fans have multiple speed levels to choose from. Ours both have 6 speeds and even as a hot sleeper, level 2 is what I use most often. In the video above, it was level 2!

What size fandelier do I need?

It’s important to consider the space you’ll be using your fandelier ceiling fan before deciding on the size!

For the average bedroom, or a space like an office, a 36″ or smaller diameter fandelier will work great! We have a 36″ in our guest bedroom and it’s perfect!

For a larger bedroom or an average sized living room, you can go with a 42″ diameter fandelier. This is the size we have in our primary bedroom!

Retractable ceiling fan reviews

For a large living room or a space with high ceilings, i’d definitely go with a 48″+ diameter! Our guest bedroom fandleier even comes in a 52″ version!

2. Aesthetics, of Course!

As always, form follows function. But man it’s a beautiful thing when form and function can coexist. This was the number one selling point for me.

fandelier ceiling fan with light

When designing our bedroom, I envisioned a modern, oversized statement fixture. But guess what? We went a couple weeks without a ceiling fan and now realize they are an absolute must for us ????????

Our fandelier ceiling fan keeps us cool all night and we get to admire its charming beauty all day.

There’s a fandelier style for everyone!

Now I realize not everyone is into the flashy crystal fandelier look.

That is totally okay because as fandeliers are becoming more popular, there’s so many different styles to choose from!!

fandelier ceiling fan

Fandelier Amazon roundup

Ya gotta love Amazon, right? That’s where we found both of our Fandeliers! There’s so many great options so I did a roundup of the best fandeliers from Amazon.

These are the ones I loved but trust me, there’s so many options out there!

fandelier ceiling fan roundup

  1. Our bedroom fandelier
  2. Our guest bedroom fandelier
  3. Bohemian fandelier
  4. Black crystal fandelier
  5. Cottage or coastal fandelier
  6. Transitional crystal fandelier
  7. Rattan fandelier
  8. Modern black fandelier
  9. Gold crystal fandelier

Note: Most of these come in multiple different finishes (such as nickel, black, gold, etc) and sizes.

Don’t forget your ceiling medallion!

I’m a huge fan of ceiling medallions and find that they pair really nicely with fandeliers… especially the crystal fandeliers that I love so much!

roundup of ceiling medallions for fandelier ceiling fans

  1. We have two of these!
  2. Diane ceiling medallion
  3. Attica ceiling medallion
  4. Traditional ceiling medallion
  5. Berkshire ceiling medallion
  6. Rose ceiling medallion
  7. Oakleaf ceiling medallion
  8. Cole ceiling medallion
  9. Vienna ceiling medallion

3. Settings upon Settings!

Most fandeliers come with the convenience of a remote that gives you all kinds of options!???? I love being able to turn the fan on from bed!

retractable ceiling fan with led light
retractable ceiling fan with light and remote

How cool that you can adjust the color temperature? I’m personally a warm light kinda gal, but my sister loves cool light so she would be happy to make that choice while staying in our guest bedroom!

The most popular feature, other than the 6 speeds of course, is that the light is dimmable! I’m all about dimmable lights.

I’m sure all retractable fans will have their own features, but another great setting on both of ours is the timer!!

black crystal fandelier ceiling fan

4. Year Round Comfort

Fandeliers aren’t just for summertime! They’re also great in the winter thanks to the reversible motor!

This means, in the summer the air moves down and in the winter, you can reverse it so the air moves up and circulates the warm air! Pretty neat, huh?

I’ve never personally used this feature since we live in the South and don’t have to worry much about staying warm, but I know for some people this is an absolute must!!

5. More Bang for Your Buck

Ceiling fans can be quite expensive. But most fandeliers are comparable in price to a light fixture and you get so many more features!

Keep an eye out for price fluctuations by the way! The Amazon fandelier prices are always changing and they often have coupons. Look for a little box you can check. At the time i’m writing this, our bedroom fandelier currently has a $50 coupon!

Now they do make traditional ceiling fans with lights, but in my opinion they don’t compare aesthetically to fandelier ceiling fans. They’re usually a simple bulb with the large and in charge blades.

What to know before choosing a fandelier ceiling fan

How to clean a fandelier

Other than the question “do fandeliers actually work” the next most common question was how to clean a fandelier.

Admittedly, I didn’t know how to answer because at that point my fandelier was relatively new and I hadn’t tried to clean it. (I’m also no “Lysol Lil”????)

crystal fandelier ceiling fan

So while writing this post I figured I was due for a cleaning. It actually did need it and it was so easy to do!

I just used your average Swiffer duster, gently lifted the blades, and slid it underneath! It’s really that simple! You can watch in the short clip below!

If you get a crystal fandelier ceiling fan…

Just know that some will project a sort of “disco” reflection on the walls. Everyone is different- some might find this magical, but i’m personally not a fan.

You can see a little of what I mean in this photo here!

retractable ceiling fan with light

LED plates or light bulbs?

Both of our retractable fans use LED plates. It’s nice in that you don’t have to worry about getting light bulbs, but I’m not sure what would happen when they eventually die?

However, they do have retractable fans that use actual light bulbs so if you have a preference, just pay attention while shopping around!

Check out the ceiling fans at Parrot Uncle if you’re interested in a fandelier with bulbs instead of LED lights… I saw quite a few options there!

The settings don’t save

At least with the fandeliers we have, the settings don’t save. When you turn the light on, it just goes to the brightest setting instead of remembering how you previously set it.

This could definitely a deal breaker for some! But again, these are with ours, and I can’t speak for all fandeliers. Just something to be aware of!

They’re silent

For the person who likes the white noise a traditional fan provides, a fandelier ceiling fan may not be for you. Ours are both completely silent. (No, the crystals don’t jingle!)

I’m actually one of those people who likes the sound of a fan, but luckily I have a white noise machine so it’s not a big deal to me.

My Honest Opinion

To put it simply, fandeliers are a beautiful and fun alternative to the traditional fan.

Aesthetics is important to me, but staying cool at night is too. The fandelier ceiling fan checks both boxes and for that, I will be forever grateful for this invention!

retractable ceiling fan chandelier

But I have to admit, i’m a bit of a lighting snob.

Both of our fandeliers have the LED lights and even with all the dimmable and temperature settings, it’s still not my favorite lighting and I wouldn’t want to solely rely on it in a room.

Fandelier or not, it’s important to have multiple lighting sources (recessed lights, lamps, sconces, etc.) to get the best ambiance in your space.

Final thought: I’ve never had a prettier ceiling fan that brings me so much joy. I’m a huge fan. See what I did there? ????

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