Holiday Gift Guide for the Cat Lover 2022

Lifestyle, November 21, 2022

If you know me at all, you know that I’m completely smitten by all things cat and nothing makes me happier than spoiling our boys with gifts! I pulled together a list of gift ideas for both cats and cat parents!

Dan and Elisha from Our Aesthetic Abode reading a decorative cat coffee table book

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gift ideas for someone who loves cats
1. Cat Coffee Table Book

This is a beautiful book to have on your coffee table or bookshelf! It has a pretty blue linen binding and stunning photography of cats. We got this as a gift and we love it!

a modern window cat bed
2. Cat Window Bed

Okay this is the prettiest cat window perch I’ve ever seen! I love the combination of the beige sherpa and black frame. Not to mention- it has great reviews!

metal cat ornament with picture
3. Personalized Ornament

This cute little cat-shaped ornament would be really thoughtful gift to someone who loves their kitty! It would also make a great stocking stuffer!

beige sherpa cat shaped bed
4. Sherpa Cat Bed

Now this is the kind of cat bed that I’d love to display anywhere in my home! Plus, it looks like a super cozy spot for cats to curl up!

interactive mouse toy for cats
5. Mouse Toy

This is a rechargeable, interactive mouse toy looks so fun! It moves fast, has a colorful flashing tail, and it has a sensor to help it redirect when it runs into obstacles. We’re planning to put one in our boy’s stockings this year!

interactive floppy fish toy for cats
6. Floppy Fish

Another great stocking stuff for your cat! This toy has a motion sensor built-in so when your cat touches it, it starts wiggling! We’ve had one for two years now and can confirm it was a great purchase!

fulminator quality cat brush
7. The Furminator

This is the best brush I’ve ever used! I’m always impressed by the amount of hair that comes out. It’s designed to be comfortable for both you and your cat. The furjector button is my favorite… it releases all the hair when you push it!

Anthropologie cool cat decorative pillow
8. Cool Cat Pillow

How cute is this pillow?! I love that it’s neutral, yet has personality. The reviews say the embroidery is very detailed and well done! I would stare at this for a while.

sisal heavy duty cat scratching post
9. Durable Scratch Post

You can never have too many scratch posts in your house! But it’s hard to find one that is good quality and attractive. This one has awesome reviews and is aesthetically pleasing! We ordered one for our boys!

tell your cat I said hi baseball hat
10. Tell Your Cat I said Hi

Okay this hat is so me! I’m the person that comes over and is distracted by your cat the entire time! I love the neutral look of the hat too… such a fun gift!

tabletop pool game for cats
11. Miniature Pool Table

If you haven’t seen this viral video yet, you’re probably wondering why this is on here! We got one for our boys and I have to say… it’s one of the cutest things to watch them play with. Is it a gift for us or for them? I think both!

wicker cat shaped basket
12. Cat Basket

I’m a sucker for anything cat themed that’s also pretty. This basket is just that! It’s sustainably made, durable, and would be the cutest little basket to hold your cat’s toys!

I hope you find the purr-fect gift! Check out all my other gift guides here!


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