Holiday Gift Guide for the DIYer 2022

Lifestyle, November 21, 2022

As a DIYer myself, the holidays are always a great opportunity to ask for that tool I’ve been wanting… especially because it’s not always something I love buying for myself! Here’s a list of gifts I think most any DIYer would be happy with!

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Best gift ideas for a DIYer
Best Beginner Miter Saw
1. Miter Saw

A miter saw is a DIYer must have. This Ryobi miter saw has been so good to us these past few years! It’s worth it to get one with the sliding feature so you can cut through wider pieces of wood!

2. Ear Protection with Bluetooth

These are a great gift because not only are they keeping your DIYer loved one safe by protecting their ears, but you’re also keeping them entertained with the bluetooth ability. With these bad boys, I can listen to music or a podcast while I sand down a dresser.

gifts for a DIYer laser measurer
3. Laser Measure

A laser measure is one of those tools you never knew you needed. Instead of fumbling around with measuring tape on a long wall, this will tell you the length of the wall with a click of a button! It is magic!

gifts for a beginner DIYer DEWALT driver and drill
4. Drill Combo

This is the drill combo set I wish I got to start! We have the DEWALT drill, but not the impact driver. For someone who is new to DIY and doesn’t have a drill yet, this is a great gift idea!

Beginner DIYer gift fastcap tape measure
5. The Best Measuring Tape

If there’s one measuring tape to buy someone, this is it! It’s lefty righty friendly, shows the measurements on both sides of the tape, and the measurements down to the 1/16″ are clearly labeled for accurate measuring!

gifts for a DIYer bosch laser level
6. Laser Level

If you have a DIYer in your life that doesn’t have a laser level yet… get this! A laser level comes in handy way more often than you’d think! I got this for my brother-in-law a couple years ago and he still thanks me for it!

7. Work Boots

I’ve been eyeing these cute work boots for a while. They come in both men’s and women’s sizes. The reviews from both are excellent!

Best tools for a beginner DIYer
8. Brad Nailer

This is one of my favorite and most used tools! It’s very user friendly and mine has held up very well the past few years… I highly recommend this tool!

gift for a beginner DIYer foldable work table
9. Folding Work Table

The reviews don’t lie… this table is awesome! We got it at the same time as our miter saw so we could clamp it into place. The fact that it folds up is incredibly handy especially for someone who is limited on space.

Beginner DIYer gift idea Ryobi jigsaw
10. Jigsaw

This cordless jigsaw is one of my favorite tools and it’s one that’s really great to have around. It can be used for more detailed cuts, but also for longer cuts too!

Best DIYer gifts carhartt tool bag
11. Tool Bag

Now this is the kind of tool bag that will last a lifetime… I may have to add it to my Christmas wish list!

Advanced DIYer gift Bosch router
12. Router

If you know a DIYer that’s interested in woodworking and building, a router is a great gift idea! I’d eventually like to get one and I see this particular one recommended the most!

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