white walls black trim


  1. Hi it would be helpful to have some info on the trim work that is at the very top of the page the white wall the one with the wider board I love that style and not sure if it has a name your help would be great many thanks

  2. Hi Elisha,
    I noticed you didn’t use a backer board (mdf); are your walls smooth coat? I don’t see any texture?
    Thanks, it’s looks beautiful!

  3. Hi Kimmarie! Thank you so much! You’re right… I didn’t use any. Our home happened to have smooth walls when we moved in! Although, I have many friends who did this with their textured wall and it still looked so beautiful! You just have to use a low sheen paint to not emphasize the texture. Hope this helps! <3

  4. All your photos on your blog look fantastic!
    I see you have some modern light fixtures which you are coordinating with picture frame molding which I would consider more traditional which I think looks great and gives me hope that maybe my plan is okay. I have a living room I’m trying to design with trim–one wall is fireplace, and one right now is just plain but has along it a more modern plain slab-style credenza in cream. The fireplace wall currently has old heavy painted paneling. I was thinking of removing and replacing with sheets of poplar, a white mantel and then picture frame molding. Would you be willing to provide an opinion? Do you ever apply trim to wood rather than drywall?

  5. Hi Mary! Thank you so much! I LOVE a good mix of modern and traditional. I think that sounds like a great plan! I haven’t personally applied molding to wood, but you absolutely can! 🙂

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