Behr limousine leather satin trim paint


  1. Love it!. After spending a few thousand on a remodel project there is very little left for finishing touches. This is the perfect answer. Already have a gallon of tricorn black.

  2. This is all great information we will definitely use when we purchase our new home in the near future. Thanks for all the details….so helpful!

  3. Love your tutorial! It’s very insightful! May I have a question here if possible? I have laminated bedroom doors and trims. Can I still paint it over? Love to hear from you. Thank you!

  4. Wow, this is just beautiful. Thank you for the information! I wonder if you might consider a blog post on painting and/or ebonizing cabinets? I have cherry cabinets that I believe I am going to ebonize this fall. Would love some hand holding and the more info the better!

  5. Hi Shereen! Awe, thank you so much! And YES, of course. We have laminate doors. Just make sure you follow all the steps I listed for prepping the doors before painting- including using a primer! The primer is really important for creating a surface in which the paint will stick to. Hope that helps πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for the kind words! That sounds like such a fun project!! I’ll have to keep that in mind- you might beat me to it though! Our kitchen cabinets are laminate and I’ve definitely considering painting them however it may be a different process since yours are cherry!

  7. I am in love with the black paint. A little scared, but am planning on using it in a home I’m remodeling. Outside of trim and doors, where else should I use the Limousine black? I’d love your input. It would seem to be too dark in the kitchen, but trying to figure that out. Any suggestions?
    Thank you for the ideas. Love the blog and your site.

  8. Hi Kathy! Thank you so much! I’m in love with the black paint too! Just to help you brainstorm, I’ve also used this color for my stair makeover, my dining chairs, and a little cabinet. You could always paint a sideboard or statement piece of furniture. I also think using some black fixtures helps tie it in too! I hope that’s helpful <3

  9. i really enjoyed your article. I just painted my living area and kitchen white and it looks unfinished. I will definitely try some of your suggestions.

  10. Hi Elisha! Thank you for the great tips, they were all so helpful. I will painting my room for the first time and the white wall with black trim is what I am going for I’m super excited. I did have a question, Did you also paint your ceiling with the Whipped color too or did you use a flat white paint for the ceiling like you mentioned as an option?

  11. Hi Jacqueline! Yay! Funny you ask as I’ve been painting my walls/ceilings/trim in our hallway this week. So for the ceiling I just used Clare’s flat white ceiling paint (no color options)! If you aren’t using Clare paint, you could use the same color as your walls if you want- as long as it’s flat! Happy painting πŸ™‚

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