Arched built-in book cases painted Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze


  1. So wonderful you share it’s paint idea. Very helpful & usefully describe of paint. Totally information sharing you. I like. Iam interested.

  2. Such an informative blog! All the information provided by you is really very helpful. I agreed that tack cloth is the best cleaning tool. It easily removes dust and dirt particles from the surface. Thank you for sharing! Keep posting!

  3. How much paint did you end up using? I’m doing all my research before painting my 4 bookcases

  4. Do you remember how much primer you used? Debating whether to get the quart or gallon

    Also thank you SO much for your detailed tutorial. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve come back to your post during this project, and it turned out so well! Pretty amazing considering we are definitely beginner DIYers.

  5. Hi Victoria!! Yay!! So glad to hear that! I only used mayyybe 1/4 to 1/3 of a gallon of primer. It’s so tricky to know! I will say, I easily used the rest with projects afterwards because I almost always have to use primer! Hope that helps! <3

  6. Question: In this tutorial, you say you used SW Urbane Bronze, but in the tutorial for the built-ins you say it is FB London Clay. Did you re-paint later? Great Color.

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