DIY stair runner install with black painted stairs and a vintage runner


  1. This is one of the most well thought out, easy to understand, step by step pictures and instructions, I’ve ever read on Pinterest. Actually think I could do this with this tutorial. Thank you so much.

  2. How is the landing seam holding up? Can you feel the glue seam on the landing?
    Your instructions are one of the best I have found!

  3. Hi Brooke! Yay, thank you! The seam has held up well! If you step directly on it with no shoes/socks, it definitely has a more “crusty texture”, but it’s not anything that’s bothered me.

  4. I’ve got pretty well the exact same situation –9 stairs to a landing then left turn and 2 more stairs to floor.

    The issue of the landing/left turn has me pondering two solutions: 1)doing as you did (with the added fear of not making an exact cut, having the ‘seam’ separate over time, etc) or this method 2) two totally separate runners and NOT joined as you did–one going the 9 stairs ending at the bottom riser and the second covering the 2 lower stairs and extending to cover the landing. The 2nd method leaves a similar border (3″ on each side on the landing–wall and riser) whereas solution 1 leaves no border. Hope that’s clear.

    I’m leaning towards solution 2 (two separate runners with no seam on the landing).


  5. Hi Len! Landings are so tough! I LOVE this 2nd idea of yours. Honestly, if you can avoid the seam I think that would be the best option so my vote is for option 2!! I wish you the best of luck 🙂

  6. Where did you purchase your rug? I am looking for a new rug runner for my stairs that looks old.

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