DIY Ikea Billy Bookcase Hack in SW Urbane Bronze


  1. Sister, I’m thanking you from the bottom of my heart for this post!! I, naturally, found a tiktok and decided to do this and it didn’t have anywhere near the detail we needed to complete it. This saved many an argument and headache! Beautiful work and such a great tutorial!

  2. Hi Courtney!! YAY! That truly makes my night. I totally KNOW the feeling when you see an amazing DIY with little to no instructions. Thank you for the sweet comment <3

  3. Hey queen, how would using a 2×4 at the seems helped with the cracking? I’m about to start my shelves and want to avoid that

  4. Hi Elisha!
    This is amazing and I’m going to base mine off of this, however mine needs doors.
    How would I go about that with the arch?

  5. My space accommodates a regular sized Billy bookcase and one narrow bookcase. Do you think that it would look too off balance?

  6. Hi Hanna! Thank you so much! I don’t have any experience with arched doors- i’m so sorry! But another option would be to get ikea doors for the shelves on the bottom half of the bookcases!

  7. Hi Meila! Oh that’s so tough! I would try to get a visual if you could draw it to scale! Maybe you could even do 3 of the narrow ones?!

  8. Amazing inspiration for these Billy bookcases! Honestly, I am blown away. Do you think this is doable on a carpeted room? Also curious, how long did this project take you? Thanks for such an in depth and articulate post!

  9. Hi Rachelle! Thank you so much for the kind words!! You could definitely do them in a room with carpet, I think you would just want to cut away the carpet that they’ll rest on! As far as time, It’s so hard to say because I work in increments, but the built-ins before I painting them probably took a couple busy weekends (full days) and then the painting you could finish in a few days as well! I was pretty surprise with how quickly I completed them! Hope that helps!

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