Installing Home Depot's LifeProof flooring


  1. Hi Anna! Thank you SO much! Since I kept all the baseboards, they were already cut to the right size. It was very simple- I just nailed them back in using 2″ brad nails. You can mark where the studs are and nail into those, or you can nail in from opposite angles to lock it into the drywall if that makes sense! I ended up also adding quarter round and plan to make them even higher with another piece of trim- maybe I’ll do a separate blog post for that part 🙂

  2. Elisha,
    Thank you for the detailed post… my question comes after seeing your cats. The padding underneath, how reliable is that against pet urine etc or would you have rather gotten a glued down version to prevent seeping into the sun flooring?

  3. Hi Kabir! I’ll be honest- I didn’t research that a ton as our cats have never had an accident (knock on wood) but it is definitely meant for a moisture barrier. If that were a concern of yours, i’d do a little research to determine the best underlayment for potential pet accidents since they make many types! Hope that helps!

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