Our Burgundy Modern Vintage Bedroom Before and After

Design, January 25, 2024

So long, white bedroom. Hello, burgundy bedroom! Over the last few years, my style has evolved a ton so this modern vintage bedroom is something i’d been dreaming up for a while. My only regret is not doing it sooner!!

In order to appreciate the after, you have to see all the phases our bedroom went through! My first solo DIY project was a board and batten accent wall. This was a great way to add some depth and texture to our bedroom without breaking the bank! It’s a classic look and I have no regrets there.

But this was also when I was confused by trends and thought modern bohemian was my design style. It took me less than a year to realize that wasn’t actually the case. I’ll always be a fan of incorporating modern style into a room, but the curated feel of vintage style is something special. Why not combine the two?!

You’ll notice how I changed rugs, furniture, etc. to hold me over until the big makeover😂

modern vintage bedroom white walls

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Trimwork for Our Modern Vintage Bedroom

Aside from the paint color, the trimwork is what makes our master bedroom transformation so dramatic. If you know me at all, you know any type of millwork is my jam. It’s simply one of the best ways to add character to a space.

Here’s a couple of my favorites to date:

If you’re interested in tackling any of the DIY projects in this bedroom, I gotchu!👇

DIY Coffered Ceiling

This coffered ceiling is my pride and joy😇 I’m just so proud of it because never in a million years did I think I’d be able to build one!

If its always been a dream of yours to have one too, check out my full tutorial here: How to Build a Coffered Ceiling

vintage room decor diy

DIY Box Molding

Of course I had to add some box molding! I’ve installed this in several areas throughout our house; our dining room, living room, and my office! Honestly, it’s simple to do and makes a huge impact!

Here’s my tutorial: How to Install Box Molding (Step-by-Step)

bedroom modern

The Burgundy Bedroom Walls

It pains me to relive this paint mishap, but I think every homeowner can benefit from hearing this story.

Okay, okay maybe i’m being a little dramatic😂 But it was pretty disappointing and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Buckle up because it gets a little confusing! I’ll start at the beginning…

Choosing the Paint Color

When it comes to picking a paint color, Samplize is a must! Here’s why I love it so much:

  • You order paint samples from the comfort of your own home (did I mention overnight shipping?!)
  • The paint samples are basically huge stickers (hand painted with the actual paint color!) you can move around the room as needed!
  • It’s a one-stop shop! Samplize carries almost all the major paint brands.
  • No mess!!🙌

Usually i’ll get 10 samples at a time because they often have the “buy 8, get 2 free” deal! You can never have too many paint samples- collect them for future projects!

Moody Bedroom Paint Colors

These were just some of the colors I was considering for our modern vintage bedroom! I was going for a romantic, yet moody color palette. Ultimately, I narrowed it down to these two:

Burgundy bedroom paint colors

Drenching your bedroom in darker colors is scary. To be sure I was choosing the right color, I went to my local Ace hardware and got traditional paint samples of these two colors.

moody bedroom paint colors

After lots of back and forth, I chose New London Burgundy. It was the one I was more excited about and also- burgundy interiors are one of the latest trends! The left/top paint color is Narragansett Green which is a beautiful blue green i’ll be keeping in mind for the future😍

50 Shades of Burgundy

I went on my merrily way to Blackhawk Hardware (an adorable local hardware store and sister company to Ace) to get the goods! It was out of my way, but also the closest store that carried the Benjamin Moore Advance line. With zero worries in the world, I went up to the paint counter and told the nice gentleman that I’d like:

A little backstory: I started painting on a Friday. My husband was out of town. We had a new mattress getting delivered Saturday at noon. The mattress was part of a brand partnership and I owed them content (with the burgundy bedroom + mattress) on Monday. It was a tight deadline, but I knew if I hustled I could meet it!

First I painted the trim. It was my first time using Benjamin Moore Advance and I really loved the quality of this paint! It dries smooth and hard. It’s the perfect product for trim, doors, furniture, or cabinets!

how to paint a coffered ceiling
modern vintage bedroom burgundy

My first regret was not using my paint sprayer. Painting a coffered ceiling by hand is so incredibly time consuming🥲 By the time I finished, it was already getting dark. At this point I was starting to sweat a bit😂 Without hesitation, I started working on coat #1 for the walls.

burgundy bedroom vintage

It was almost midnight by the time I finished the first coat! I really didn’t want to have to paint after the mattress got delivered so I figured i’d just get up really early to do the second coat!

As I’m closing up the paint cans, I noticed for the first time how entirely different they looked😳

burgundy bedroom

After further investigation, I realized that the advance paint (lighter color) was a base 3, while the regal paint was a base 4. Whaaaa?!

In case you didn’t know: A paint base is the foundation of a color. Paint brands have different base levels with varying quantities of white or gray. When you bring the paint department your chip, their system will tell them what base and formula makes that color. If the wrong base is used, the color will be completely different.

Then I remembered I had the sample I bought at Ace! I knew for sure the sample was the shade I wanted because I tested it all over the room. The sample was a base 3. Okay… a bit of a bummer that I painted the walls the wrong shade, but fixable! I’d just go to Ace in the morning and get the right wall paint for the second coat. Being one a time crunch, I definitely wasn’t able to go to Blackhawk (where I originally got the paint) to ask what happened/get a refund.

I stayed up all night doing a second coat on the trim since I knew that was the right base. Second coats are never fun, but imagine it’s 3am and you’re on a ladder wearing a head lamp😬

Do you see the difference in color between the baseboard and walls? I sure do!

burgundy bedroom paint color

SATURDAY MORNING- I’m feeling hopeful at the Ace paint counter bright and early. “Good morning! I’d like to get a gallon of Regal select in the color New London Burgundy. Also, can you tell me what base that color is?” He looks it up and says, “Of course. It’s base 4.” I felt tears coming but there was no time to cry. How?! The sample I got (from this same store) was base 3.

I explained the situation to him, photos and all. He was very empathetic and genuinely trying to help, but he was also confused by all of it too. He said their system showed base 3 for the sample. But for the gallon, it said base 4. I asked if I could just get the gallon made with a base 3 so it matches the trim I stayed up all night painting. He couldn’t because the machine requires you to scan the proper base to make the paint.

Now what?! I couldn’t bare the thought of repainting the coffered ceiling again… nor did I have the time! So I made a risky decision: I asked him to lighten the color by 25% in hopes it would look closer to the trim color. He seemed nervous for me… fair enough 😆

Here’s a video that shows the 4 different versions of New London Burgundy I had:

Do you like how it turned out?

The 25% lighter shade wasn’t a perfect match. Most people would never notice the variation in color… my husband didn’t and majority of my Instagram audience didn’t either. Of course I noticed, but I’m a positive person so I made the most of the situation and circumstances. I liked it enough to not want to re-do it, but I still day dream about how the room would look if it was the shade I really wanted.

Do you see the sample in this photo? That’s the color I wanted.

BM New London Burgundy Bedroom

I know it may not seem like a big deal to some, but to me, it’s huge difference in color. After the months of hard work I put into this bedroom, it was definitely disappointing to say the least.

DIY Burgundy Bedroom

In case you’re wondering, I wasn’t able to finish painting before the mattress came and I was a little late to my deadline for my brand partnership. Luckily they were really understanding and the content turned out great. See how the video turned out here!

What I learned

Unfortunately I never got any answers about why there were so many variations in color/bases. Is it because I used different paint types and different finishes? Was it just an accident on the hardware store’s end? The whole situation gave me so much anxiety that I didn’t have it in me to drive back to Blackhawk to try to get a refund or answers.

Here’s a few tips to help prevent this from happening to you:

  • Be more cautious– When I shared this story on my IG I got an overwhelming amount of messages from others who had similar scary paint mishaps. Going forward, i’ll pay closer attention what I’m given when I order paint.
  • Get paint directly from the source– If you’re getting Benjamin Moore paint, go directly to a Benjamin Moore store. If you’re getting Sherwin Williams paint, go directly to Sherwin Willams. It was obvious to me through conversation that the people at the paint counters, while extremely kind, weren’t very knowledgeable about paint. This all depends on your local store, but if you go to an actual paint store, the staff will have more expertise.
  • Bring your sample to the store– Assuming you’ve already tested paint colors and decided on one, bring your sample (whether that be a paint sample or a Samplize sticker) to the paint store with you so they match it to said sample and you’ll have something to reference before leaving!

Modern Vintage Bedroom Decor

Antique Brass Hardware

Not everyone lives in historic homes with beautiful original hardware, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find hardware that gives off a vintage feel!

When I was working on my French Vintage Guest Bedroom, I wanted some new “jewelry” for the space… something that would add some vintage flair! I landed on these stunning antique brass crystal knobs and let’s just say I was not disappointed. (P.S. I’ve also use these smaller crystal knobs in other areas of our home)

modern vintage bedroom ideas

If you’re looking for door hardware with a vintage design, or any historically inspired hardware, Nostalgic Warehouse is a great place to look! Their products are meticulously crafted using high quality brass!

Fun fact: We accidentally installed them upside down in our guest bedroom. After reaching out to Nostalgic Warehouse, they said that some people do that intentionally because they love the look.. so we kept them! But once we ordered more for our master bedroom, we decided to see how they looked upright and ultimately decided we liked that look better.
romantic vintage bedroom ideas

Our bedroom design tends to lean more modern, because we have a modern home, so this hardware was a huge contributor to achieving that vintage look we were going for! 

burgundy and beige bedroom ideas

Vintage Furniture

Thrift stores and Facebook Marketplace are my bffs when it comes to finding vintage pieces. Once I start planning a room design, I’ll start saving vintage items on Facebook Marketplace that are similar to what i’m looking for. That’s precisely how I found my gorgeous headboard and nightstands!

modern vintage bed

Not only is this headboard a perfect focal point, it’s also a favorite vintage find of mine! It’s a Drexel Heritage Cabernet Classic and after doing a little research, I saw this exact headboard selling for over $1,200+! Major score!

It’s in beautiful condition too. The seller was sad to say goodbye, but they didn’t have the room for it in their new home. I promised her i’d take good care of it.

vintage bedroom furniture

I’ll admit, I was lucky to find this headboard. If you’re not as lucky, here’s a roundup of modern vintage headboard options!

  1. Upholstered Metal Platform Bed
  2. Four Poster Bed
  3. Ash Walnut Cane Headboard
  4. Solid Wood Platform Bed
  5. Floral Upholstered Headboard
  6. Cane Headboard
  7. Chocolate Upholstered Headboard
  8. Metal Upholstered Bed
  9. Boucle Fabric Headboard

My hunt for the perfect vintage nightstand started as soon as I decided to stray away from modern design, so I scored these side tables a while ago! It’s crazy too because they really compliment each other and make a perfect vintage bedroom set, in my opinion!!

burgundy bedding

Burgundy and Beige Details

There was lots of swapping out throw pillows, and even sheets, to get the right bedding for our modern vintage bedroom! Burgundy and beige is such a classic color scheme, I knew I couldn’t go wrong. A neutral tone like beige helps balance out the intense burgundy walls.

I played around with texture contrast to get a layered feel; a velvet quilt, a cozy knit throw, and sheer linen curtains. The burgundy bedroom walls pulled out a bit of burgundy in the rug. Which by the way, is the softest rug i’ve ever owned! I even used it as a stair runner for my second stair makeover!

Click here to shop my burgundy bedroom decor!


Light fixtures, for me, are usually one of the modern pieces i’ll incorporate into a modern vintage design. But what if I told you I found a modern vintage chandelier that is also a fan?! 

*Enters fandelier* Have you heard of these? It’s both a fan and a chandelier. Achieving both form and function is a dream for any Interior Designer. See I’m one of those people who needs an overhead fan at night, but I also don’t want to sacrifice aesthetic. The one I chose has retractable blades so it’s very discreet!

Did I mention this is my second fandelier?! Curious to know more? Read my honest opinion here.

fandelier for bedroom

Personally, I use the fandelier for fan purposes. For ambient lighting, my husband installed recessed lights, which was the perfect compliment to our coffered ceiling!

My task lighting came from thrifted crystal lamps on each side table!

burgundy bedroom decor

Modern Vintage Decor

Normally i’d be visiting all my favorite antique stores to seek out the perfect vintage art to compliment this space, but we found out we were moving before I got to that point 🥲 If I had more time, there would be a large piece of art in the perfect vintage frame with accent lighting above it, a bench at the foot of the bed, and perhaps a small gallery wall as well.

Believe it or not, the only wall decor in our room before moving was a vintage mirror that I ended up painting the wall color! The goal was for it to sort of blend in, while also bringing in some extra texture and interest. My Instagram audience was skeptical, but I love how it turned out. Here’s a before and after:

vintage modern decorating ideas
modern victorian decor

In addition to painting the mirror, I also moved it up and added extra box molding below it. Painting the awkward outlet with these paintable outlet covers also made a huge impact.

Before and After

burgundy bedroom walls
modern bedroom ideas
burgundy bedroom aesthetic

Shop Our Modern Vintage Bedroom

Click here to shop our modern vintage bedroom! For the items that were thrifted, I tried to find similar options for purchase!

modern vintage bedroom design

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